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TitleAdaptation and validation of the Work-Family Conflict and Family-Work Conflict Scales in portuguese nurses: 10-item version
Author(s)Simães, C.
McIntyre, Scott
McIntyre, Teresa
KeywordsFemale Nurses
Work-Family Conflict
Family-Work Conflict
Issue date2019
JournalStudies in Systems, Decision and Control
CitationSimães, C., McIntyre, S., & McIntyre, T. (2019). Adaptation and Validation of the Work-Family Conflict and Family-Work Conflict Scales in Portuguese Nurses: 10-Item Version. In P. M. Arezes, J. S. Baptista, M. P. Barroso, P. Carneiro, P. Cor-deiro, N. Costa, R. B. Melo, A. S. Miguel, & G. Perestrelo (Eds.), Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (pp. 611-620). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
Abstract(s)This study presents the adaptation and validation of a Portuguese version of the Work-Family Conflict & Family-Work Conflict scales for nurses. Participants were 310 female hospital-based nurses, from the northern region of Portugal. The assessment protocol included the Portuguese 10-item Work-Family Conflict & Family-Work Conflict scales to measure the mutual interference of the work and home domains. The Portuguese version resulted from a multi-step adaptation strategy, involving direct-translation, back-translation and a pre-test. Construct validity was assessed by exploratory principal components factor analysis and confirmatory analysis. The internal consistency reliability was calculated using Cronbach Alpha coefficients. The Cronbach Alpha coefficients for the Work-Family Conflict and Family-Work Conflict (.91 and .85 respectively) indicate good reliability. The factor analysis produced two factors, explaining 69.3% of the variance, replicating the model proposed by the original authors. The confirmatory factor analysis showed a good model fit (NFI, TLI and CFI). The RMSEA provided a good measure of the closeness of fit between the model and the data. The Portuguese version of the Work-Family Conflict & Family-Work Conflict scales shows good validity and reliability.
TypeBook part
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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