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TitleModelling geotechnical heterogeneities using geostatistical simulation and finite differences analysis
Author(s)Pinheiro, Marisa
Emery, Xavier
Miranda, Tiago
Lamas, Luís
Espada, Margarida
Keywords3D geological models
geotechnical modelling
geological heterogeneity
uncertainty assessment
mechanical behaviour analysis
Issue date7-Feb-2018
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Abstract(s)Modelling a rock mass in an accurate and realistic way allows researchers to reduce the uncertainty associated with its characterisation and reproduce the intrinsic spatial variability and heterogeneities present in the rock mass. However, there is often a lack of a structured methodology to characterise heterogeneous rock masses using geotechnical information available from the prospection phase. This paper presents a characterization methodology based on the geostatistical simulation of geotechnical variables and the application of a scenario reduction technique aimed at selecting a reduced number of realisations able to statistically represent a large set of realisations obtained by the geostatistical approach. This type of information is useful for a further rock mass behaviour analysis. The methodology is applied to a gold deposit with the goal of understanding its main differences to traditional approaches based on a deterministic modelling of the rock mass. The obtained results show the suitability of the methodology to characterise heterogeneous rock masses, since there were considerable differences between the results of the proposed methodology, mainly concerning the theoretical tunnel displacements, and the ones obtained with a traditional approach.
AccessOpen access
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