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TitleShakespeare in the Spanish Theatre: 1772 to the Present
Author(s)Rayner, Francesca
Issue date1-Jan-2011
JournalSederi-Yearbook of the Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] In recent years there has been an impressive growth in critical surveys of the ways in which Shakespeare has been refashioned in specific national contexts within the wider academic framework of what has come to be known as European Shakespeares (Pujante & Hoenselaars 2003; Hattaway, Sokolova & Roper 1994). Similarly, since the late 1980’s there has been a renaissance in critical work examining the cultural politics of Shakespearean performance that has positioned the aesthetic choices made by individual theatre practitioners or particular companies within a wider social and political context (Hodgdon 1998; Massai 2006). [...]
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