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TitleShakespeare in Spain: An Annotated Bilingual Bibliography
Author(s)Rayner, Francesca
Issue date1-Apr-2016
PublisherUniversité Paul-Valéry Montpellier III
JournalCahiers Elisabethains
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Recently, the University of Lisbon’s performance database was temporarily out of action while I was preparing a chapter on Portuguese performances of Shakespeare. My panic during this time made me realize just how dependent I had become on that database but also made me newly appreciative of the technology of the book, as it doesn’t run the same risk of disappearing from one moment to the next. The editors of this annotated bibliography have been involved in establishing and maintaining the University of Murcia’s excellent database on Shakespeare’s presence in Spain within a European framework ( but have also recognized the importance of publications in book form. This most recent volume, which won the Association of Spanish University Presses’ Best Inter-University Co-edition award, follows on from the earlier work by Pujante and Laura Campillo 2007 Shakespeare em Espãna. Textos 1764-1916, developing the research in the previous volume and extending it up to the year 2000. [...]
AccessOpen access
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