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TitleIntegration of DFDs into a UML - based model-driven engineering approach
Author(s)Fernandes, João M.
Lilius, Johan
Truscan, Dragos
Data-flow diagram
Model transformation
Embedded systems specification
Process model
Activity diagram
IPv6 router
Embedded Systems
Issue dateDec-2006
JournalSoftware and Systems Modeling
Citation“Software and systems modeling”. ISSN 1619-1366 5:4 (Dec. 2006) 403-428.
Abstract(s)The main aim of this article is to discuss how the functional and the object-oriented views can be inter-played to represent the various modeling perspectives of embedded systems.We discuss whether the object-oriented modeling paradigm, the predominant one to develop software at the present time, is also adequate for modeling embedded software and how it can be used with the functional paradigm.More specifically, we present how the main modeling tool of the traditional structured methods, data flow diagrams, can be integrated in an object-oriented development strategy based on the unified modeling language. The rationale behind the approach is that both views are important for modeling purposes in embedded systems environments, and thus a combined and integrated model is not only useful, but also fundamental for developing complex systems. The approach was integrated in amodel-driven engineering process, where tool support for the models used was provided. In addition, model transformations have been specified and implemented to automate the process.We exemplify the approach with an IPv6 router case study.
AccessOpen access
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