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TitleSharing Imprisonment: Experiences of Prisoners and Family Members in Portugal
Author(s)Granja, Rafaela
Issue date2018
PublisherOxford University Press
CitationGranja, R. (2018). Sharing Imprisonment: Experiences of Prisoners and Family Members in Portugal. In R. Condry & P. Scharff Smith (Eds.) Prisons, Punishment, and the Family: Towards a New Sociology of Punishment? (pp. 258-272). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Abstract(s)In the last decade, the body of literature that focus on effects of imprisonment beyond prison walls have been expanding. So far, the academic debate has focused on mapping the forms whereby prisoners’ relatives reorient routines, defer future plans, deal with the reverberations of social stigma, rearrange family responsibilities, face a reduction of available resources and experience the repercussions of punitive surveillance and control. However, there has been little understanding of prisoners’ own views regarding the challenges associated with the upholding of family ties during custodial sentences. Drawing on forty interviews conducted with individuals serving prison sentences and thirty with prisoners’ relatives in Portugal, this chapter explores how both groups experience the relational, familial, social and economic implications associated with imprisonment and negotiate relationships in the shadow of prison monitoring. Results show that individuals share an experience of imprisonment on the basis of a mutual situation of social-economical vulnerability, a collective sense of concern and powerless, a joint effort to invigorate strategies of that creatively recreate presence at a distance and a common recognition of the complex effects of imprisonment.
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