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TitleConversion of corallina officinalis into calcium phosphates by using hydrothermal treatment and their potential for bone tissue engineering application
Author(s)Gomes, S.
Rodrigues, M. T.
Leonor, I. B.
Gomes, M. E.
Mano, J. F.
Reis, R. L.
Issue date2008
PublisherMary Ann Liebert Inc.
JournalTissue Engineering. Part A
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Calcium phosphates (CaP) such as hydroxyapatite (HA) and tricalcium phosphate are widely used in bone Tissue Engineering, due to their biocompatibility, osteoinductive and/or osteoconductive properties. The aim of this work is to obtain CaP through the hydrothermal conversion of the calcite (HCC) present in the alga C. officinalis. To promote the HCC into CaP, the alga was immersed in a phosphate solution (Ps) and subjected to a hydrothermal treatment. Different Ps concentrations were used to test the influence of this parameter on the HCC into CaP and on the type of CaP formed. FTIR, EDS and XRD analyses demonstrated the successful conversion of the C. officinalis calcite into HA, after treatment with a 0.1M Ps, and into a mixture of HA and whitlockite, after treatment with a 0.5M Ps. Moreover, the SEM analysis showed that this treatment allowed the preservation of the original porous structure of this alga. [...]
AccessOpen access
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