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dc.contributor.authorFischer, Dianapor
dc.contributor.authorHauke, Bernhardpor
dc.contributor.authorBragança, L.por
dc.contributor.authorAndrade, Joana Bonifáciopor
dc.contributor.authorMateus, Ricardopor
dc.identifier.citationFischer D., Hauke B., Bragança L., Andrade J. B., Mateus R. What does ‘sustainable construction’ mean? An overview, Sustainable Steel Buildings - A Practical Guide for Structures and Envelopes, pp. 1-12, 978-1-118-74111-5, 2016por
dc.description.abstractSustainable construction is a relatively new subject with which many of those involved in planning and construction are not familiar. It has been covered in numerous technical papers, but few of them present specific measures for implementing sustainability in the building and construction industry. This publication aims to improve the information available to those working in the construction sector using examples and guidance on steel construction in particular. The background and basic principles of how to achieve sustainable construction are presented and dealt with in a clearly structured manner. This publication also aims to convey a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and identifies the opportunities and essentials that can result from sensible implementation of sustainable steel construction strategies. The latest developments in steel construction provide a means to measure the success of the building and construction industry.por
dc.subjectSteel buildingspor
dc.subjectSteel structurespor
dc.subjectSustainable Constructionpor
dc.titleWhat does ‘sustainable construction’ mean? An overviewpor
oaire.citationTitleSustainable Steel Buildings - A Practical Guide for Structures and Envelopes-
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