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TitleTandem palladium-catalyzed borylation and Suzuki coupling (BSC) to thienocarbazole precursors
Author(s)Ferreira, Isabel C. F. R.
Queiroz, Maria João R. P.
Kirsch, Gilbert
Suzuki coupling
2-methyl-2 '-nitro biaryls
Issue date2003
PublisherElsevier Ltd
JournalTetrahedron Letters
Abstract(s)Substituted 2-methyl-2 -nitro diaryl compounds in the benzo[b]thiophene series were prepared by palladium-catalyzed, two-step, one-pot borylation/Suzuki coupling (BSC) reaction in good to high yields. The borylation reaction was performed on methylated 6-bromobenzo[b]thiophenes using pinacolborane and was followed by in situ Suzuki coupling with substituted (CF3, OMe) 2-bromonitrobenzenes. The compounds obtained were cyclized to the corresponding ring A substituted thienocarbazoles which can have biological activity or/and be used as biomarkers due to their fluorescence properties and possible DNA intercalation.
AccessOpen access
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