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Title“I would be more creative if...”: are there perceived barriers to college students’ creative expression according to gender?
Other titles“Eu seria mais criativo se...”: barreiras à expressão criativa percebidas segundo o gênero dos universitários
Author(s)Morais, Maria de Fátima
Almeida, Leandro S.
Education, higher
Issue dateJan-2019
JournalEstudos de Psicologia. Campinas
CitationMorais, M.F., & Almeida, L.S. (2019). “I would be more creative if...”: Are there perceived barriers to college students’ creative expression according to gender?. Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas), 36, e180011
Abstract(s)Creativity has become essential to the innovation that is demanded today. In this context, the university is fundamental in promoting creative skills and, thus, meeting such demand. Despite the lack of research concerning what college students think about creativity, these students perceive barriers to their creative expression. A total of 582 Portuguese college students were analyzed in the present study regarding their perceived barriers to the expression of creativity, using an inventory concerning psychological and social dimensions. Gender differences were assessed, not only considering the inventory’s factors, but also items independently. Statistically signifi cant differences were found in both analyses. These results are the starting point to a debate about the role of university in students’ development, which should be not only professional, but also social and personal, besides the importance of fi nding place to creativity in their daily academic lives.
AccessOpen access
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