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TitleNumerical modelling of the cyclic behavior of timber-framed structures
Author(s)Lukic, Relja
Poletti, Elisa
Rodrigues, Hugo
Vasconcelos, Graça
KeywordsTimber construction
Earthquake engineering
Seismic design
Issue dateMar-2018
JournalEngineering Structures
Abstract(s)The present paper presents a study on the applicability of numerical models in predicting the global response of timber-framed shear walls during earthquake events. Based on previous in-plane cyclic testing of traditional timber frames with and without masonry infill, numerical models were developed to describe the cyclic response of traditional timber frame walls including flexural behavior, pinching and strength degradation. The numerical models were developed in the finite element software OpenSees with calibrated springs representing nailed connectors found in traditional half lap joints. Based on the calibrated models a study was conducted on the timber frame wall with brick infill model by varying wall configuration and analysing cumulative energy dissipation and the effect of slenderness and load capacity with increasing drift. A good correspondence was obtained with the experimental data and future work will include the application of the model to whole buildings.
AccessOpen access
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