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TitleRecent advances on 3D printing of patient-specific implants for fibrocartilage tissue regeneration
Author(s)Costa, J. B.
Silva-Correia, Joana
Reis, R. L.
Oliveira, Joaquim M.
Issue dateMar-2018
PublisherFuture Medicine
JournalJournal of 3D Printing in Medicine
CitationCosta J. B., Silva-Correia J., Reis R. L., Oliveira J. M. Recent Advances on 3D Printing of Patient-Specific Implants for Fibrocartilage Tissue Regeneration, Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, Vol. 2, Issue 3, pp. 129–140, doi:10.2217/3dp-2018-0006, 2018
Abstract(s)Fibrocartilage is a very peculiar type of tissue that can be found in intervertebral disc and meniscus. It is characterized by its avascular nature and for the shear and compressive forces that can be subjected. The number of individuals affected by the degeneration of fibrocartilaginous tissues has been growing and the poor outcomes of the current treatments have led to an increased interest in new alternative approaches. Therefore, the combination of reverse engineering with 3D printing has been extensively explored in order to produce patient-specific implants capable of improving the current clinical outcomes. This review outlines the recent advances achieved in tissue engineering field, especially focusing on fibrocartilaginous tissue.
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