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TitleStatic and fatigue test on real steel bridge components deteriorated by corrosion
Author(s)Macho, M.
Ryjacek, P
Matos, José C.
KeywordsExperimental test
Fatigue life
Steel bridges
Performance indicators
Issue dateFeb-2019
JournalInternational Journal of Steel Structures
CitationMacho, M., Ryjáček, P., & e Matos, J. C. (2019). Static and Fatigue Test on Real Steel Bridge Components Deteriorated by Corrosion. International Journal of Steel Structures, 19(1), 110-130
Abstract(s)The combined effects of corrosion and fatigue have become a topic issue in recent times. Decades-old steel bridges that are still in service need to be reassessed. However, there is no relevant background information that can be used in assessment of this phenomenon. There are no recommendations for civil engineers how to take into account the corrosion weakening for the assessment of bearing capacity and fatigue strength of riveted members. For this reason the aim of the research presented in this paper was preparation and execution of laboratory tests on real bridge components that were deteriorated by corrosion. Two types of tests were performed to find out how corrosion weakening affects the statics and the fatigue strength of members. The evaluation of the tests indicates that the service life of members may be significantly reduced due to fatigue. In addition, the bearing capacity is reduced while, in particular, the local stress rises. All of this is strongly dependent on the level of corrosion and the surface irregularities. Our paper ends with recommendations on how the loss of material due to corrosion could be taken into account for an assessment of the load capacity and the residual lifetime of members
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