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TitleQuality control plan of arch concrete bridges
Author(s)Docevska, Marija
Taravari, Leart
Matos, José C.
Markovski, Goran
KeywordsQuality control plan
Arch concrete bridges
Vulnerable zone
Virgin reliability
Issue date2018
PublisherAssociation of Structural Engineers of Serbia (ASES)
Abstract(s)Most of the quality control plans are element-oriented, facing with the lack of holistic approach in assessment of concrete bridges. Without considering the structural system and without linking the damage type, damage position and damage process with the type of structural system, it is hardly possible to derive key performance indicators (reliability, safety, etc.). Here, quality control methodology established within WG3 of COST Action 1406 was implemented into two case studies, concrete bridge located in Portugal and in Macedonia, both arch with similar topology. The applied quality control plan considers ‘virgin‘ reliability, focuses on failure modes and related vulnerable zones. To consider all these aspects, results from visual inspections were used and numerical models of the bridges were built. In both case studies, different life time cycle approaches were applied to qualitativly evaluate different key performance indicators over time. Finally, the results are compared in order to find the most effective scenario.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (Author)
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