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Title3D modeling of esophageal development using human PSC-Derived basal progenitors reveals a critical role for notch signaling
Author(s)Zhang, Yongchun
Yang, Ying
Jiang, Ming
Huang, Sarah Xuelian
Zhang, Wanwei
Al Alam, Denise
Danopoulos, Soula
Mori, Munemasa
Chen, Ya-Wen
Balasubramanian, Revathi
Chuva de Sousa Lopes, Susana M.
Serra, Carlos
Bialecka, Monika
Kim, Eugene
Lin, Sijie
Toste de Carvalho, Ana Luisa Rodrigues
Riccio, Paul N.
Cardoso, Wellington V.
Zhang, Xin
Snoeck, Hans-Willem
Que, Jianwen
KeywordsHuman embryonic stem cells
Human-induced pluripotent stem cell
Basal cells
Issue date4-Oct-2018
JournalCell Stem Cell
CitationZhang, Y., Yang, Y., Jiang, M., et. al. (2018). 3D modeling of esophageal development using human PSC-derived basal progenitors reveals a critical role for Notch signaling. Cell stem cell, 23(4), 516-529
Abstract(s)Pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) could provide a powerful system to model development of the human esophagus, whose distinct tissue organization compared to rodent esophagus suggests that developmental mechanisms may not be conserved between species. We therefore established an efficient protocol for generating esophageal progenitor cells (EPCs) from human PSCs. We found that inhibition of TGF-ß and BMP signaling is required for sequential specification of EPCs, which can be further purified using cell-surface markers. These EPCs resemble their human fetal counterparts and can recapitulate normal development of esophageal stratified squamous epithelium during in vitro 3D cultures and in vivo. Importantly, combining hPSC differentiation strategies with mouse genetics elucidated a critical role for Notch signaling in the formation of this epithelium. These studies therefore not only provide an efficient approach to generate EPCs, but also offer a model system to study the regulatory mechanisms underlying development of the human esophagus.
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