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TitleNPM and the change in portuguese central government
Author(s)Araújo, Joaquim Filipe
KeywordsNew public management
Administrative reform
Issue date2002
PublisherInformation Age Publishing (AIP)
JournalInternational public management journal
Citation"International public management journal". ISSN 1096-7494. 5:3 (2002) 223-236.
Abstract(s)This article examines the influence of New Public Management ideas on recent changes in the Portuguese central government. Its purpose is to analyse the tendency to make public organizations more autonomous and to decentralize following the example of other countries inspired by the practice of the private sector and New Public Management stressing managerial flexibility. The message it conveys is that changes were primarily guided by values of the public domain, juridicial concerns and the primacy of politics, building a public governance that emphasizes the role of politicians and opens the administrative system to the sociopolitical environment.
AccessOpen access
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