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TitleCholangioscopy-guided holmium laser lithotripsy of a stone trapped in a mechanical lithotripter
Author(s)Libânio, Diogo
Giestas, Sílvia
Martinez-Ares, David
Canena, Jorge
Lopes, Luís
Issue dateApr-2018
JournalVideo Journal and Encyclopedia of Gi Endoscopy
CitationLibânio, D., Giestas, S., Martinez-Ares, D., Canena, J., & Lopes, L. (2018). Cholangioscopy-guided holmium laser lithotripsy of a stone trapped in a mechanical lithotripter. VideoGIE, 3(4), 127-128
Abstract(s)Large common bile duct (CBD) stones can be removed with mechanical lithotripsy, although over-the-basket techniques such as electrohydraulic or pulsed dye laser lithotripsy can be necessary in cases of stone impaction.1 We report the case of a 42-year-old woman with a 30-mm stone in the CBD in whom mechanical lithotripsy was attempted after wide sphincterotomy. However, during the procedure, a rupture occurred in the traction wire of the basket, next to the handle. Emergency lithotripsy (EL) with use of an external-type system was immediately attempted, but wire fracture occurred again (2 times), turning its length shorter than the metallic sheath of the EL and rendering EL impossible
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