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Title45S5 BAG-Ti6A14V structures: The influence of the design on some of the physical and chemical interactions that drive cellular response
Author(s)Fonseca, Francisca Rocha Melo
Lima, R.
Costa, M. M.
Bartolomeu, F.
Alves, N. M. Fernandes
Miranda, Alice Augusta Macedo
Gasik, M.
Silva, Filipe Samuel
Silva, Nuno André Martins
Miranda, Maria Georgina Macedo
KeywordsMulti-material cellular structures
Selective Laser Melting
Press and Sintering
Bioactive glass 45S5
Issue dateDec-2018
JournalMaterials & Design
Abstract(s)Multi-material Ti6Al4V cellular structures impregnated with 45S5 bioactive glass were designed and produced using Selective Laser Melting (SLM), an additive manufacturing technique, combined with Press and Sintering focusing on load bearing components like hip implants. These structures were designed to combine Ti6Al4V mechanical properties and promote bone ingrowth into the structure as the bioactive material (45S5) is being absorbed and replaced by newly formed bone. The influence of these structures design on some of the physical and chemical aspects that drive cellular response were assessed. Roughness, wettability, bioactive glass quantity and quality on the structures after processing and the pH measured during cell culture (as a consequence of bioactive glass dissolution) were evaluated and correlated with cellular viability, cellular distribution, morphology and proliferation on the surface and inside the structures.
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