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TitleChronic stress targets adult neurogenesis preferentially in the suprapyramidal blade of the rat dorsal dentate gyrus
Author(s)Alves, Nuno D.
Patrício, Patrícia
Correia, Joana S.
Mateus-Pinheiro, António
Machado-Santos, Ana R.
Loureiro-Campos, Eduardo
Morais, Mónica
Bessa, João M.
Sousa, Nuno
Pinto, Luísa
KeywordsDentate gyrus
Transverse axis
Chronic stress
Issue dateJan-2018
JournalBrain Structure and Function
Abstract(s)The continuous generation of new neurons and glial cells in the adult hippocampal dentate gyrus (DG) represents an important form of adult neuroplasticity, involved in normal brain function and behavior but also associated with the etiopathogenesis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. Despite the large number of studies addressing cell genesis along the septotemporal axis, data on the anatomical gradients of cytogenesis along the DG transverse axis is scarce, especially after exposure to stress. As such, in this study we characterized both basal proliferation and survival of adult-born neural cells along the transverse axis of the rat dorsal DG, and after stress exposure. In basal conditions, both proliferating cells and newborn neurons and glial cells were preferentially located at the subgranular zone and suprapyramidal blade. Exposure to chronic stress induced an overall decrease in the generation of adult-born neural cells and, more specifically, produced a regional-specific decrease in the survival of adult-born neurons at the suprapyramidal blade. No particular region-specific alterations were observed on surviving adult-born glial cells. This work reveals, for the first time, a distinct survival profile of adult-born neural cells, neurons and glial cells, among the transverse axis of the DG, in both basal and stress conditions. Our results unveil that adult-born neurons are preferentially located in the suprapyramidal blade and suggest a regional-specific impact of chronic stress in this blade with potential repercussions for its functional significance.
DescriptionFirst Online: 29 August 2017
AccessOpen access
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