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TitlePerformance of the DNA-citoliq liquid-based cytology system compared with conventional smears
Author(s)Alves, Venâncio Avancini Ferreira
Castelo, A.
Filho, A. L.
Vianna, M. R.
Taromaru, Eliane
Namiyama, Gislene
Lörincz, A.
Dôres, Gerson B. das
KeywordsLiquid-based cytology
DNA-Citoliq system
Thin layer cytology
Split-sample study
severe dyskaryosis
Issue dateApr-2006
PublisherBlackwell Publishing
Citation"Cytopathology". ISSN 0956-5507. 17:2 (Apr. 2006) 86-93.
Abstract(s)To evaluate the performance of a new, manual, simplified liquid-based system, DNA-Citoliq (Digene Brasil), employed under routine conditions as compared to conventional smears collected from six collaborating private laboratories. Methods: A panel of cytopathologists, who served as the gold standard diagnosis, adjudicated discordant opinions. Results: Of 3206 pairs of slides considered valid for comparison, there were 3008 in full agreement (93.8%), 112 (3.5%) with one diagnostic category discrepancies, and 86 (2.7%) discordant cases. Among the 288 borderline+ by either method, DNA-Citoliq detected abnormalities in 243 (84.4%), and conventional smears (CS) detected abnormalities in 178 (61.8%) (McNemar test, P < 0.000), a 36.5% increased detection of borderline+ cases. Conclusions: For mild dyskaryosis, DNA-Citoliq detected 176 cases and CS 125 cases (McNemar test, P < 0.000); and for moderate+severe dyskaryosis 66 versus 32 cases respectively (McNemar test, P < 0.000).
AccessOpen access
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