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TitleCombination of Posaconazole and Amphotericin B in the treatment of Candida glabrata biofilms
Author(s)Rodrigues, Célia Fortuna
Alves, Diana Filipa Barros
Henriques, Mariana
Amphotericin B
Antifungal drug
Antifungal combination
Candida glabrata
Issue date2018
PublisherMDPI Publishing
CitationRodrigues, Célia F.; Alves, Diana; Henriques, Mariana, Combination of Posaconazole and Amphotericin B in the Treatment of Candida glabrata Biofilms. Microorganisms, 6(4), 123, 2018
Abstract(s)Candidemia cases have been increasing, especially among immunosuppressed patients. Candida glabrata is one of the most resistant Candida species, especially to the azole drugs, resulting in a high demand for therapeutic alternatives. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), minimum fungicidal concentration (MFC), and minimum biofilm eradication concentration (MBEC) were determined for posaconazole (Pcz) and amphotericin B (AmB). The drug combinations of both drugs were evaluated on pre-formed biofilms of C. glabrata ATCC 2001, through XTT (2,3-bis (2-methoxy-4-nitro-5-sulfophenyl)-2H-tetrazolium-5-carboxanilide) assay, colony forming units (CFU), crystal violet, and the fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI). C. glabrata revealed higher susceptibility and biofilm reduction in the presence of AmB alone, but both drugs revealed a good capacity in the biomass elimination. In the majority of the tested combinations, the interactions were defined as indifferent (FICI 4). The combination of the two drugs does not seem to bring a clear advantage in the treatment of biofilms of C. glabrata.
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