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TítuloRehousing in Europe: The contemporary city and its emerging post-war housing legacy - The case of the Corviale residential complex in Rome
Outro(s) título(s)Rehousing na Europa: A cidade contemporânea e a sua emergente herança de alojamento do pós-guerra - O caso do complexo residencial Corviale em Roma
Autor(es)Riso, Vincenzo
Palavras-chaveSocial Housing Design Refurbishment
EditoraCâmara Municipal de Braga
Resumo(s)After the Second World War, the rebirth of the European city entailed the construction ofan amazing amount of housing. It can be accurately stated that during that time the relentless building of houses corresponded to the largest urban growth of all time in Europe. Furthermore, it was decided that housing was best provided by the State, mainly locally via municipal government, and that it should be quickly built, in order to support the many people who were living in poor living conditions. In line with political and social shifts, this process came to an end by the mid-seventies. At that time, the memory of what had existed before – such as the 19th-century slums in western and central Europe or the atavistic rural poverty in eastern and southern Europe – was most surely fading. At the same time, private property was supplanting public property, instilling low tolerance for the legacy of social housing. But, in the last ten years, a more careful understanding has re-emerged around these housing complexes which, on the whole, has contributed to shaping the contemporary European city.
DescriçãoO presente texto é o resultado de uma apresentação realizada numa sessão aberta do “Transcrever Summer Lab 2017: Práticas Socioespaciais nos Bairros Sociais de Braga”, no Museu D. Diogo de Sousa em Braga, no dia 8 de setembro de 2017.
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