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TitleFunctional properties of Gleditsia triacanthos seeds extracts and their incorporation into galactomannan films for food applications
Author(s)Cerqueira, Miguel Ângelo Parente Ribeiro
Souza, B.
Martins, Joana T.
Teixeira, J. A.
Vicente, A. A.
Issue date2010
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
CitationCerqueira, Miguel A.; Souza, B.; Martins, Joana T.; Teixeira, José A.; Vicente, António A., Functional properties of Gleditsia triacanthos seeds extracts and their incorporation into galactomannan films for food applications. In Waldron, K.W.; Moates, G.K.; Faulds, C.B., Total Food: Sustainability of the Agri-Food Chain, London: Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010. ISBN: 978-1-84755-750-6, 238-243
Abstract(s)Nowadays there is an increasing interest in identifying antioxidant properties in products from natural sources to be used e.g. in food preservation or in health-enhancing foods. Edible films can provide additional protection for food, while being a fully biodegradable. environmental friendly packaging system. They can be used to improve food quality and prolong shelf-life of fresh products and they can be used to carry functional ingredients such as antioxidants, antimicrobials, nutrients, and flavours to further alliance food stability, quality, functionality and safety.1-2 Some publications reported that seeds could be considered a valuable source of phenolics, possessing beneficial activities such as antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial, anti-mutagcnic and anti-inflamatory.3 Previous publications have already used galactomannans from commercial and non-traditional origins as a source for films and coatings production.'" The present work had three objectives: to evaluate the total phenolic content and antioxidant properties of ethanolic and water extracts from G. triacanthos seeds: to demonstrate whether galactomannan films are suitable to incorporate antioxidant compounds for further application in the food industry: and to show how the main film properties can change with galactomannan and extract concentrations.
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