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TitleFe(III)NaYnano as efficient electrocatalyst for electrodegradation of Congo Red dye
Author(s)Bencheqroun, Z.
Ferreira, M.
Zaitan, H.
Nawdali, M.
Fonseca, António
Parpot, Pier
Neves, Isabel C.
Issue date2-Oct-2018
CitationBencheqroun, Z.; Ferreira, M.; Zaitan, H.; Nawdali, M.; Fonseca, António; Parpot, Pier; Neves, Isabel C., Fe(III)NaYnano as efficient electrocatalyst for electrodegradation of Congo Red dye. CHEMPOR 2018 - 13th International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference (Book of Extended Abstracts). No. P-EE12, Aveiro, Portugal, Oct 2-4, 501-502, 2018.
Abstract(s)Textile dyes are one of the most important contaminants of the superficial water resources. Their removal from water bodies constitutes a priority to guaranty water quality. Electrodegradation of Congo Red dye was carried out using modified electrodes prepared by the deposition of iron(III)-zeolite on Carbon Toray. The sample iron(III)-zeolite was prepared by ion-exchange method with a solution of iron(III) using NaYnano as parent zeolite, with small particles, 150 nm. Fe(III)NaYnano was characterized by SEM/EDX and XRD techniques. The introduction of iron by ion exchange method do not modified the morphology of the zeolite but affect the zeolite structure, as prove by the structural characterization results from XRD. However, cyclic voltammetry studies show that iron-zeolite modified electrode is stable in the experimental conditions. The complete degradation of Congo Red dye was achieved by electrochemical route without the use of acid and hydrogen peroxide in reactional medium.
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