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TitleCyber-aggression among portuguese adolescents: A study on perpetration, victim offender overlap and parental supervision
Author(s)Novo, Fábio
Pereira, Filipa
Matos, Marlene
Parental involvement
Issue date2014
PublisherK. Jaishankar
JournalInternational Journal of Cyber Criminology
Abstract(s)The increasing diffusion of information and communication technology (ICT) leads to a greater social visibility of phenomena related to aggression in cyberspace. This research aims to study the dark side of online interpersonal communication among adolescents, in particular, the frequency of perpetration of aggression in cyberspace (e.g., cyber-stalking), the overlap between victimisation and offending and the dynamics of parental supervision and/or involvement. The study was conducted on 627 Portuguese adolescents (12-16 years old) and 586 parents. The results reflect a worrisome frequency of attacks in cyberspace that reinforces the trend found in previous international studies. The findings also show a high overlap between victims and offenders and the influence that parents can have on the aggressive behaviour of their adolescent learners in the virtual environment.
AccessOpen access
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