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TitleSocioemotional competences of adolescents living in host institutions
Author(s)Anastácio, Zélia
Bezerra, Milena Oliveira
Zamith-Cruz, Judite
Antão, Celeste
Veiga-Branco, Maria
KeywordsSocioemotional competences
Host institutions
Issue dateJun-2017
CitationAnastácio, Z., Bezerra, M. O., Zamith-Cruz, J., Antão, C., & Veiga-Branco, M. (2017). Socioemotional competences of adolescents living in host institutions. In 6th ENSEC Conference, 7-9 junho, Estocolmo, Suécia.
Abstract(s)Several reasons like unfavorable socio-economic conditions, negligence and maltreatment has led to institutionalization of adolescents. Our research question is: What are the level of satisfaction and socioemotional competencies of adolescents living in host institutions? Research aimed to characterize satisfaction, self-esteem, assertiveness and resilience of institutionalized adolescents and to establish associations with personal factors. It was a transversal study following a predominantly quantitative methodology. We carried out and validated a specified questionnaire. For self-esteem, assertiveness and resilience we applied scales already validated. Our convenience sample included 114 adolescents (68 females; 46 males) living in eight host institutions, aged between 11 to 21 years (average 15.67). Statistical analysis of data was done to characterize the sample (descriptive analysis) and to establish associations between individual factors and dependent variables (t-test, correlations and non-parametric tests). Results indicated that in general teens are satisfied with the host institution, have a relatively low self-esteem (27.87), with girls having lower average than boys. Assertiveness tends to be average (24.52) and higher for girls than boys. Resilience is also average (26.40), having girls lower mean than boys. Assertiveness revealed significant positive correlations with self-esteem (r=.234; p=.015) and resilience (r=.517; p<.0001). Institutionalization seems to be positive for these adolescents.
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