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TítuloI saw this somewhere else: the Spanish Ambiguous Words (SAW) database
Autor(es)Fraga, Isabel
Padrón, Isabel
Perea, Manuel
Comesaña, Montserrat
Palavras-chaveSemantic ambiguity
Polysemous words
Resumo(s)The present paper describes the Spanish Ambiguous Words (SAW) database, which comprises 210 words (133 polysemous and 77 homographs). Three-hundred and fifteen Spanish university students took part in the study on which SAW is based. First, subjective word meanings and senses were collected by means of a meaning retrieval task. Two judges then assigned participants’ responses to different categories of meaning according to lexicographical and statistical criteria. Results showed that, while there was a relatively high relationship between the number of senses included in the dictionary and those provided by participants (r = .62), regression analyses on lexical decision and naming times revealed that participants’ number of senses had significant predictive power, whereas those from the dictionary did not. This indicates that normative data from participants seem to better reflect the psychological reality of word senses. Hence, the SAW database constitutes a useful tool for future research into ambiguous word learning and recognition in Spanish.
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