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TitleProcessing, production methods and characterization of bio-based packaging materials
Author(s)Ballesteros, Lina F.
Michelin, Michele
Vicente, A. A.
Teixeira, J. A.
Cerqueira, Miguel Ângelo Parente Ribeiro
Issue date2018
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
JournalSpringerBriefs in Molecular Science
CitationBallesteros, Lina F.; Michelin, Michele; Vicente, António A.; Teixeira, José A.; Cerqueira, Miguel A., Processing, production methods and characterization of bio-based packaging materials. Lignocellulosic Materials and Their Use in Bio-based Packaging, Springer International Publishing, 2018. ISBN: 978-3-319-92940-8, 49-63
Abstract(s)One of the challenges of using bio-based materials for the development and production of packaging is the scale-up of the production process. The industrial technology used is widely influenced by the thermal properties of the materials used (in the case of ``dry process''), however for some materials only the ``wet process'' is suitable in order to obtain good packaging materials. Additionally, the use of lignocellulosic materials as main materials or as fillers/additives is a great challenge and their compatibility with other bio-based materials must be studied case-by-case, according to the material and its main characteristics. The characteristics of the materials used and the production method will influence not only the thermal, mechanical and barrier properties of the packaging but also its optical properties, the solubility of the films and wettability of the coatings. This chapter presents the main processing conditions and methods for the production of bio-based packaging using lignocellulosic materials. The most important properties and characterization methodologies are also presented, and in the end, the biodegradability and life cycle of bio-based packaging materials are discussed.
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