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TitleChapter 12 - Process Modeling and Techno-Economic Evaluation of an Industrial Bacterial NanoCellulose Fermentation Process
Author(s)Dourado, Fernando
Fontão, A.
Leal, Marta
Rodrigues, Ana Cristina
Gama, F. M.
Keywordseconomic analysis
super-pro designer
process simulation
cost analysis
bacterial cellulose
Issue date2016
CitationDourado, Fernando; Fontão, A.; Leal, Marta; Rodrigues, Ana Cristina; Gama, F. M., Chapter 12 - Process Modeling and Techno-Economic Evaluation of an Industrial Bacterial NanoCellulose Fermentation Process. In Miguel Gama, Fernando Dourado, Stanislaw Bielecki, Bacterial Nanocellulose: From Biotechnology to Bio-Economy, Elsevier, 2016. ISBN: 978-0-444-63458-0, 199-214
Abstract(s)Abstract This chapter explored the process and economics of a computer simulated large scale production of Bacterial NanoCellulose (BNC) by static culture conditions. This early-stage design allowed to evaluating the economic potential of bacterial cellulose fermentation. A comparative economic analysis between modern and traditional plants is not straightforward due to differences in local feedstock costs, energy, equipments, taxes, labor, currency, and so forth. However, data here gathered showed that even if considering the use of low cost substrates, the biotechnological fermentation of BNC is markedly expensive and inefficient, as compared to traditional fermentation. The high capital investment and high production costs increased by almost two orders of magnitude the selling price of BNC produced in a modern technological set which would limit the scope of market penetration.
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