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TitleCultural interactions and changing landscapes in Europe (2nd century BC / 2nd century AD)
Other titlesInterações Culturais e Paisagens em Mudança na Europa (séc. 2º a.C. / séc. 2º d.C.)
Editor(s)Fontes, Luís Fernando Oliveira
Cruz, Gonçalo
Alves, Mafalda Sofia Duarte
KeywordsCultural interactions
Issue dateOct-2018
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Unidade de Arqueologia (UAUM)
Abstract(s)In this work we present the contributions of the researchers from various European countries, who met in Boticas at the International Symposium "Cultural Interactions and Landscapes in Change in Europe (2nd and 2nd centuries BC)" took place on 11 and 13 October 2018. Diverse themes and geographical areas are discussed, taking stock of the research carried out on the contexts dating back to the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of Roman times, thus contributing to an updated global reading of this chronological period.
TypeConference proceedings
AccessOpen access
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