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TítuloVideo game creation by students: a proposal for a systematic review of the literature
Autor(es)Martins, Ana Rute Côrte-Real
Maneira, Simone
Oliveira, Lia Raquel
Video Games
Pedagogical Strategies
Educational Technology
Student Authoring
Systematic Review of the Literature
EditoraInternational Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED)
RevistaICERI Proceedings
CitaçãoMartins, A., Maneira, S., Oliveira, L. (2016). Video Game Creation by Students: a Proposal for a Systematic Review of the Literature. ICERI2016 Proceedings – 9th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, pp. 1040-1048.
Resumo(s)In order to better understand the potential benefits of the use of video game creation as a pedagogical strategy, it is important to know and to have a critical overview of the available research findings on this subject matter. Our research question is thus the following: What is the reported research concerning video game creation by students? The main goals of our study are: 1. To identify and map the research conducted so far within this subject area; 2. To search for and analyse evidence of relations between video game creation by students and behavioural and/or learning outcomes. In this paper we present a protocol for a systematic review of the literature intended to address the proposed research aims.
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