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TitleMethodology to identify and prioritise the social aspects to be considered in the design of more sustainable residential buildings - Application to a developing country
Author(s)Ardda, N.
Mateus, Ricardo
Bragança, L.
KeywordsBuilding Sustainability Assessment Tool for West Bank (WB-BSATool)
residential buildings
social priorities
social sustainability
sustainability indicators
Issue dateSep-2018
CitationArdda N., Mateus R., Bragança L. Methodology to Identify and Prioritise the Social Aspects to Be Considered in the Design of More Sustainable Residential Buildings—Application to a Developing Country, Buildings, Vol. 8, Issue 10, pp. 1-17, doi:10.3390/buildings8100130, 2018
Abstract(s)The priorities in the design of more sustainable buildings are quite dependent on the specific social context. In developing countries, the sustainability concept and priorities in the residential buildings sector are quite different from the ones of the developed countries, since there are still basic needs to answer. Therefore, this research is aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the concept of social sustainability in the residential building sector of the developing countries. A methodology to define and prioritise the social sustainability indicators is proposed and applied in the context of Palestine. The presented methodology is based on the sustainability indicators of international standards, on the most well know building sustainability assessment methods and in the analysis of their application to a specific context. It includes a methodology to prioritise the list of social indicators, by considering the expectations of two groups of building stakeholders: designers and building users. At the end, this research proposes a framework of social aspects to consider in the design of more sustainable residential buildings in West Bank, Palestine that is composed of twenty-one indicators, distributed among six sustainability categories and ranked according to their weight in the overall of sustainability level.
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