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Title3D printing of high strength and multi-scaled fragmented structures
Author(s)Hünkar, Ertunç
Figueiredo, Bruno
KeywordsAdditive manufacturing
Structural optimization
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Structural Design
Design Computation
Issue date19-Sep-2018
PublisherLodz University of Technology
Abstract(s)Our research aims to push the limits of 3D printing towards the structural design and optimization. Additive manufacturing has an unique feature which is printing multi-faced complex geometries as easy as simple ones. Therefore additive manufacturing creates the chance of producing really small scaled complex forms. In a structural network, it can be easily understood that the more geometric variations to respond stress, the more adaptive structure will become to respond structural needs. The structural reaction is to be fictionalized by procedural operations and analysis that will be a tool to design multi-scaled fragmented structures. Those operations is to use the structural analysis and material reactions. Their iteration with the overall geometry will form the geometric generations. However the verification of the generations as outcomes of a real 3D printer is crucial. To verify, the precision of additive manufacturing should be sensitive enough that the structural element will function as it's simulated in computer with the algorithm. The sensitivity is important because, even couple of micro-sized problems can cause bigger ones in the structural element itself. The combination of all these variables can enable an initial geometry, to be able to adapt the stuructural needs in every additive generation.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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