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TitleEvolution of the tensile response of unidirectional hybrid FRP laminates fabricated by hand lay-up method: experimental and analytic assessment
Author(s)Ribeiro, Filipe
Sena-Cruz, José
Júlio, Eduardo
Branco, Fernando G.
Castro, Fernando
KeywordsNew composite materials
Hybrid effect
Issue date2018
Abstract(s)Hybridisation, i.e., the incorporation of two different types of fibres, namely low strain (LS) and high strain (HS) fibres, within the same polymeric matrix is an established approach to promote the appearance of a gradual and non-fragile tensile failure mode of unidirectional Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP). This behaviour is known as pseudo-ductile. In addition, hybridisation can increase the apparent strain at the failure of LS fibres. This phenomenon has been described as “hybrid effect”. In the present work, the tensile behaviour of 10 layer-by-layer unidirectional hybrid combinations has been investigated using both experimental testing and analytical modelling. All the hybrid FRP samples were made through the hand lamination of three different commercially available dry unidirectional fabrics manufactured for civil engineering applications, namely high-modulus (HM) carbon, high-strength carbon and E-glass. For each type, a large number of single fibres were randomly taken from the dry fabrics and tested in tension to define the Weibull distribution parameters. A maximum hybrid effect of circa 28% was achieved, by combining unidirectional fabrics of high-modulus carbon with standard carbon. It was also concluded that combining high-modulus carbon with E-glass can lead to very good pseudo-ductile tensile behaviour. It was demonstrated that global load sharing models can be used to accurately predict the hybrid effect. Finally, the analytical approach adopted in the scope of the present work also allowed the correct prediction of all the failure modes experimentally observed.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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