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TitleEdible films and coatings based on mango (var. Ataulfo) by-products to improve gas transfer rate of peach
Author(s)Torres-León, Cristian
Vicente, A. A.
López, M.
Rojas, Romeo
Serna-Cock, Liliana
Alvarez-Pérez, Olga B.
Aguilar, Cristóbal N.
KeywordsMangifera indica L.
Agroindustrial by-products
Mango seed
Edible coating and films
Issue dateNov-2018
JournalLWT - Food Science and Technology
CitationTorres-León, Cristian; Vicente, António A.; López, M.; Rojas, Romeo; Serna-Cock, Liliana; Alvarez-Pérez, Olga B.; Aguilar, Cristóbal N., Edible films and coatings based on mango (var. Ataulfo) by-products to improve gas transfer rate of peach. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 97, 624-631, 2018
Abstract(s)Fruit waste and by-products are economical materials for the development of biodegradable and active packaging. The aims of this study were to develop, characterize and evaluate biodegradable coatings and films by using mango peel and antioxidant extracts of seed kernel. The proximate composition of peel was also determined. Structural, barrier, optical and antioxidant properties were analyzed in the films. Gas transfer rates and the ethylene production in peach were evaluated. Edible films formulated with mango peel showed good barrier properties, with the water vapor permeability varying from 0.88×1010 - 1.00×1010gm1s1 Pa1. The addition of antioxidant extract does not show a significant effect (p>0.05) on optical properties. Furthermore, antioxidant activity and polyphenol content increased by 18% and 60% respectively. Peach coated with a solution of mango peel (1.09%), antioxidant extract of mango seed kernel (0.078gL1) and glycerol (0.33%) showed 64% and 29% less ethylene and CO2 production, respectively, and 39% less O2 consumption when compared with peaches without coating. The reduction in gas transfer ensures the greater extension of the shelf life of fruit treated. By-products of mango may thus be suitable for the production of low-cost biodegradable and active packaging.
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