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TitleOptimization of deposition parameters for thin silicon films on flexible substrates in a hot-wire chemical vapor deposition reactor
Author(s)Alpuim, P.
Ribeiro, M.
Filonovich, Sergej
KeywordsNanocrystalline silicon
Hot-wire CVD
Flexible electronics
Thin-film solar cell
Issue date2006
PublisherTrans Tech Publications
JournalMaterials science forum
Citation"Materials science forum". ISSN 0255-5476. 514-516: Part 1 (2006) 475-479.
Abstract(s)This paper studies the deposition of thin silicon films from silane on plastic substrates in a recently build hot-wire chemical vapor deposition reactor. Hydrogen dilution of silane was used to induce amorphous-to-nanocrystalline phase transition. Thin-film deposition rate, r(d), is roughly proportional to silane concentration during deposition but the proportionality factor depends on filament temperature, T-fil. At T-fil similar to 2500 degrees C (1900 degrees C), r(d) increases from 2.1 angstrom/s (1.2 angstrom/s) at 97% H-2 dilution to 14.5 angstrom/s (10.7 angstrom/s) for films deposited from pure silane. At T-fil similar to 2500 degrees C, films deposited under 80% H-2 dilution were amorphous, under 90% H-2 dilution the crystalline fraction was X-C = 49.4% and under 95% H-2 dilution, X-C = 52.8%. At T-fil similar to 1900 degrees C, samples were amorphous up to similar to 95% H-2 dilution where a crystalline fraction of 22.3% was measured. Films with amorphous structure have sigma(d) similar to 10(-10)-10(-9) Omega(-1.)cm(-1) while those with a measured crystalline fraction have sigma(d)similar to 10(-7)-10(-5) Omega(-1)cm(-1), depending on the amount of crystalline fraction and grain size. Films with lower sigma(d) have optical band gap in the range similar to 1.85-1.9 eV, typical of hydrogenated amorphous silicon, while those with higher sigma(d) have larger optical band gap (similar to 2 eV), typical of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon. Adhesion of the films to the plastic substrate was good, as they survived bending to small radius of curvature (< 1 mm) without peeling. Structural, optical and transport properties were similar on films deposited both on PEN and on glass under the same deposition conditions.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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