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TitleWho benefits from Western forms of language teacher education?
Author(s)Moreira, Maria Alfredo
Keywordsteacher education
language education
bilingual/ bicultural students
Issue date2018
Abstract(s)This text discusses how modern Western European epistemicidium (cf. Paraskeva 2011, 2016; Santos, 2008) works in Portuguese schools and in language teacher education in what comes to bilingual/ bicultural students. It draws on critical theory and pedagogy (Au, 2012; Darder, 2015; Freire, 1975; 2013; Paraskeva, 2011, 2016; Torres Santomé, 2011, 2017) to analyse how the received field in language teacher education needs to be deterritorialized in order to properly address the roots of oppression that naturalizes the invisibility of bilingual/bicultural students in Portuguese schools.
TypePanel presentation
AccessOpen access
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