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dc.contributor.authorSouza, Ronildopor
dc.contributor.authorSousa, Sérgiopor
dc.contributor.authorNunes, Eusébio P.por
dc.description.abstractContinuous improvement or more generally improvement is a necessity for companies in a dynamic context. The effectiveness and efficiency of such improvement can foster company sustainability, particularly if it exhibits characteristics of a learning organisation. This paper shows a methodology to develop organisational learning through the use of one quality improvement methodology known as Quality Control (QC) Story. The work is based on a case study from a manufacturer of electronic products. It describes QC Story application over 10 years and its effects on key performance indicators. Organisational learning is assessed through a questionnaire survey. A method to manage knowledge based on a lessons-learned procedure is described and a generalisation is induced. Results suggest that repetitive use of QC story along with the presented procedure of lessons-learned contributes to improving processes performance over long periods. It is also concluded that this company using the presented procedure exhibit characteristics of a learning organisation.por
dc.rightsembargoedAccess (2 Years)por
dc.subjectelectronic productspor
dc.subjectknowledge managementpor
dc.subjectorganisational learningpor
dc.subjectperformance managementpor
dc.subjectquality control storypor
dc.subjectquality improvementpor
dc.titleDeveloping organisational learning through QC storypor
sdum.journalTotal Quality Management and Business Excellencepor
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