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TitleThe Generation Y’s sustainability perceptions and consumption habits in the footwear industry in Portugal
Author(s)Bernardes, João Pedro
Marques, António Dinis
Ferreira, Fernando
Nogueira, Mafalda
Luca, Alexandra
Millennial Generation
"Green" Purchase
Footwear Industry
Issue date22-Jun-2018
PublisherAssociation of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX)
Abstract(s)This paper intends to study the attitude that Millennial consumers (or Generation Y) have towards sustainability and sustainable purchasing habits and what they actually do in terms of their green purchasing behaviour regarding footwear. In order to understand this, some internal and external influencing factors were obtained from the literature review which can positively or negatively influence the green purchasing behaviour of the Millennial consumers. And they are: Consumption habits; Economic availability; Personal benefits; Consumer consciousness. All these factors were analyzed in the form of a questionnaire that was applied to Millennials, with 635 answers from all over the country. In sum, with this paper is possible to understand that the attitude this generation has towards sustainability is very positive but is it not reflected in their green purchasing behaviour in terms of footwear.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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