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TítuloBenefits and difficulties in the elaboration and implementation of the individual intervention plan in early intervention: Perspectives of portuguese professionals
Autor(es)Pereira, Ana Paula da Silva
Oliveira, Sofia
Palavras-chaveEarly intervention
Intervention Plan
individual intervention plan
EditoraTaylor and Francis
RevistaEarly Child Development and Care
CitaçãoPereira, A. P. S. & Oliveira, S. (2017). "Benefits and Difficulties in the Elaboration and Implementation of the Individual Intervention Plan in Early Intervention: Perspectives of Portuguese Professionals". Early Child Development and Care DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2017.1359581
Resumo(s)In Portugal, the individual intervention plan (IIP) is an essential component of early intervention (EI) services for families with children aged 0–6 who have special needs or are at risk. In this paper, we aim to analyse: (a) the benefits of the IIP for families in EI programmes and (b) the type of barriers and difficulties in the process of elaboration and implementation of an IIP. The present research comprises the qualitative interview method, according to which semi-structured interviews were done to nine Portuguese professionals enrolled in the National System for EI. Regarding the benefits of the IIP, most participants stated that it allows families as effective members and decision-makers of the EI team. Concerning the difficulties and barriers perceived in the process of the IIP, all participants stressed the attitudes and behaviour of the professionals, and also, the professionals’ lack of specialized training in EI.
Versão da editorahttps://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/03004430.2017.1359581
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