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TitleInvestigations on magnetron sputtered tantalum oxynitride thin films
Author(s)Cristea, D.
Cunha, L.
Patru, M.
Munteanu, D.
KeywordsTantalum oxynitride
Thin film
Issue date2015
CitationD. Cristea, L. Cunha, M. Pătru, D. Munteanu, Investigations on magnetron sputtered tantalum oxynitride thin films. Materials Science. Non-Equilibrium Phase Transformations, issue 2/2015 (2015) 30-33
Abstract(s)Tantalum oxynitride thin solid films have been deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering, using a fixed proportion reactive gas mixture (85% N2 + 15% O2) but with varying partial pressures, onto silicon (100) wafer substrates. The physical integrity was observed after vacuum thermal annealing at temperatures from 100 °C to 800 °C. The structural evolution on the as deposited and annealed samples was obtained by X-ray Diffraction. For the lowest partial pressure, the crystalline structure is that of tetragonal β-Ta. Increasing the reactive gas partial pressure leads to the formation of fcc-Ta(O,N) crystals, with various orientations (111, 200, 220).The higher partial pressure films are amorphous. The thermal annealing induces a phase transformation, from tetragonal β-Ta to hexagonal TaNx (x<1). AFM measurements resulted in low RMS roughness values, regardless of the partial pressure or the annealing temperature.
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