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TítuloMulti-Criteria Classification for Prioritization of Preventive Maintenance Tasks to Support Maintenance Scheduling
Autor(es)Lopes, Isabel da Silva
Senra, Patrícia Arantes
Neto, B.
Costa, R.
Sousa, M
Cabo, T.
Oliveira, José A.
Maintenance scheduling
Maintenance task prioritization
Risk-based maintenance
RevistaInternational Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management IEEM
CitaçãoLopes, I. S., Senra, P., Neto, B., Costa, R., Sousa, M., Cabo, T., & Oliveira, J. A. (2017, December). Multi-criteria classification for prioritization of preventive maintenance tasks to support maintenance scheduling. In Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), 2017 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 2102-2106). IEEE.
Resumo(s)Preventive maintenance scheduling is a complex maintenance management activity that involves the consideration of several factors: maintenance technicians' availability, available machine periods, maintenance skills required and, task duration and its set date of achievement. When resources are scarce and time to perform maintenance is limited due to high utilization of equipment, tasks are delayed in relation to the date set for achievement. In this context, maintenance tasks must be prioritized to minimize the delays of critical tasks and, consequently, the overall negative impact. Thus, tasks classification is considered the first step of maintenance scheduling. This paper presents a multi-criteria classification using a risk-based approach to prioritize preventive maintenance tasks. The developed method can be easily integrated in a computerized maintenance management system to support maintenance scheduling.
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