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TitleOpenAIRE infrastructure and services: advancing Open Science
Author(s)Príncipe, Pedro
KeywordsOpenAIRE infrastructure
Open Access
European Open Science Cloud
Open Science policies
Issue date5-Jun-2018
Abstract(s)OpenAIRE has established itself as a key and sustainable infrastructure for giving access to Open Access publications in Europe and beyond, progressively providing access to datasets, software and other research artefacts. From its outset, OpenAIRE has pursued a service-driven design to engage all stakeholders and the current service portfolio (covering all e-Infrastructure layers) targets a variety of users, namely researchers, content providers, funders and research communities. OpenAIRE infrastructure is currently able to deliver a set of relevant services for content providers managers. The OpenAIRE Literature Broker Service is a tool operating on top of the OpenAIRE information graph and supports repository managers with a web dashboard where they can monitor all their repositories and can view the enrichments suggested by the information graph. Funders can currently benefit from a set of services to monitor research outputs and impact and to integrate a body of resources in their ecosystems. OpenAIRE has now successfully applied the model and services developed for the European Commission to other funders, mainly from European Union. OpenAIRE is working closely with existing Research Infrastructures and research communities to extend its service portfolio by introducing two new services implementing the concept of “Open Science as a Service”: Research Community Dashboard and Catch-All Broker Service. OpenAIRE-Advance, the new phase of OpenAIRE infrastructure, continues the mission of OpenAIRE to support the Open Access and Open Data mandates in Europe. By sustaining the current infrastructure, comprised of a human network and technical services, it consolidates its achievements while working to shift the momentum among its communities to Open Science, aiming to be a trusted e-Infrastructure within the realms of the European Open Science Cloud.
TypePanel presentation
Description13th International Open Repositories Conference, June 4th-7th, Bozeman, Montana, USA.
AccessOpen access
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