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TitleDelivery of nanogel formulations with antimicrobial peptides for the treatment of mycobacteriosis
Author(s)Silva-Carvalho, Ricardo
Cristelo, C.
Silva, João Pedro
Coutinho, Olga
Castro, António G.
Pedrosa, Jorge
Appelberg, Rui
Gama, F. M.
Issue date6-Jul-2017
CitationSilva-Carvalho, Ricardo; Cristelo, C.; Silva, João Pedro; Coutinho, Olga; Castro, António G.; Pedrosa, Jorge; Appelberg, Rui; Gama, F. M., Delivery of nanogel formulations with antimicrobial peptides for the treatment of mycobacteriosis. Book of Abstracts of CEB Annual Meeting 2017. Braga, 6 July, 83, 2017. ISBN: 978-989-97478-8-3
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the human pathogen that causes Tuberculosis (TB). In 2015, 10.4 million TB cases and 1.8 million deaths were reported, placing this disease alongside HIV/AIDS as the deadliest infectious diseases. Current treatments rely in the administration of a cocktail of four first-line antibiotics during 6 months and, in the worst case scenario, a long-lasting treatment (24 months) with second-line drugs. The overuse or misuse of antimicrobial agents decreases the success of treatments and increases emergence of Multi-drug resistant (MDR) strains. Therefore, the development of new strategies for TB therapy is urgently needed. In this scope, antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) arise as promising candidates for TB treatment since they present high spectrum of antimicrobial activity, high efficacy at low concentrations and low propensity for bacterial resistance. Nevertheless, the low capacity of AMPs to reach the infected site and the use of high concentrations to overcome this problem limits its clinical application - this can be circumvented using a drug delivery system [1]. [...]
DescriptionBook of Abstracts of CEB Annual Meeting 2017
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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