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TitleCompetition between ferroelectric and semiconductor properties in Pb(Zr0.65Ti0.35)O-3 thin films deposited by sol-gel
Author(s)Boerasu, Iulian
Pintilie, Lucian
Pereira, A. Mário
Vasilevskiy, Mikhail
Gomes, M. J. M.
Schottky diode
Optical absorption
Issue date2003
PublisherAmer Inst Physics
JournalJournal of applied physics
CitationJournal of applied physics". ISSN 0021-8979. 93:8 (Apr. 2003) 4776-4783.
Abstract(s)Asymmetric metal–ferroelectric–metal (MFM) structures were manufactured by sol–gel deposition of a lead zirconate-titanate (PZT with Zr/Ti ratio 65/35) film on Pt-coated Si, with a Au top electrode. The average remnant polarization of 9 µC/cm2 and the coercive field of 39 kV/cm were obtained from the hysteresis loop measurements. A detailed analysis of the polarization–electric field (P–E), capacitance–voltage (C–V), and current–voltage (I–V) measurement results allowed us to estimate the near-electrode space-charge region thickness (roughly half of the film thickness at zero voltage), net doping concentration (around 1018 cm–3), built-in potential (in the 0.4–0.8 V range, depending on the injecting electrode), and dynamic dielectric constant (5.2). The current logarithm–voltage dependence for the field-enhanced Schottky emission obeys a "1/4" law. The spectral distribution of the short circuit current measured under continuous light illumination in the 290–800 nm range exhibits a cutoff wavelength at 370 nm and a maximum sensitivity at about 340 nm. The estimated band-gap energy of the PZT material is 3.35 eV. The MFM structure is discussed in terms of two back-to-back Schottky diodes with a ferroelectric material in between. It is concluded that the semiconductor properties of the films are not negligible and, in certain conditions, are dominating over the ferroelectric ones
AccessOpen access
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