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TitleTransport coefficients for the simple reacting spheres kinetic model I: reaction rate and shear viscosity
Author(s)Carvalho, Filipe
Polewczak, Jacek
Silva, Adriano W.
Soares, Ana Jacinta
KeywordsBoltzmann equation
Chemical reactions
Enskog expansion
Transport coefficients
Issue dateSep-2018
JournalPhysica A-Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications
Abstract(s)In this work, we consider a dilute reactive mixture of four constituents undergoing the reversible reaction A + B = C + D. The mixture is described by the Simple Reacting Spheres (SRS) kinetic model which treats both elastic and reactive collisions as hard spheres type and introduces a ‘‘correction’’ term in the elastic operator in order to prevent double counting of the events in the collisional integrals. We use the Chapman–Enskog method, at the first-order level of the Enskog expansion, to determine the non-equilibrium solution to the SRS system in a chemical regime for which both elastic and reactive collisions occur with comparable characteristic times. We then determine the transport coefficients and focus our analysis on the evaluation of those coefficients associated with the reaction rate and the shear viscosity. Our numerical evaluation of the transport coefficients allows for the investigation of their behaviour in a suitably chosen parametric space with an opportunity to check how these coefficients are influenced by the chemical reaction and by the ‘‘correction’’ term proper of the SRS model.
DescriptionVersão dos Autores para esta publicação; "Available online 3 April 2018"
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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