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TítuloApplying clickstream data mining to real-time Web crawler detection and containment using ClickTips platform
Autor(es)Lourenço, Anália Maria Garcia
Belo, Orlando
EditoraSpringer-Verlag Berlin
RevistaStudies in Classification Data Analysis and Knowledge Organization
Resumo(s)Web crawler uncontrolled widespread has led to undesired situations of server overload and contents misuse. Most programs still have legitimate and useful goals, but standard detection heuristics have not evolved along with Web crawling technology and are now unable to identify most of today's programs. In this paper, we propose an integrated approach to the problem that ensures the generation of up-to-date decision models, targeting both monitoring and clickstream differentiation. The ClickTips platform sustains Web crawler detection and containment mechanisms and its data webhousing system is responsible for clickstream processing and further data mining. Web crawler detection and monitoring helps preserving Web server performance and Web site privacy and clickstream differentiated analysis provides focused report and interpretation of navigational patterns. The generation of up-to-date detection models is based on clickstream data mining and targets riot only well-known Web crawlers, but also camouflaging and previously unknown programs. Experiments with different real-world Web sites are optimistic, proving that the approach is not only feasible but also adequate.
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