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TitleSoftware reification using the SETS calculus
Author(s)Oliveira, José Nuno Fonseca
Issue dateJan-1992
PublisherSpringer Verlag
CitationJONES, Cliff B. ; SHAW, Roger C. ; DENVIR, Tim, ed. lit. – “5th refinement workshop : proceedings”. London : Springer-Verlag, cop. 1992. ISBN 3-540-19752-4. p. 140-171.
Abstract(s)SETS is an emerging reification calculus for the derivation of implementations of model-oriented specifications of abstract data types. This paper shows how abstraction invariants can be synthesized by calculation in SETS, and the potential of this calculus for assessing, comparing or classifying specifications. The main results of the paper are concerned with a functorial approach to reification, particularly wrt. the systematic implementation of recursive data domains on non-recursive run-time environments. A final example of this class of implementations is provided.
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