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TítuloThe economic crisis in Portugal and children’s rights to non-discrimination
Autor(es)Sarmento, Manuel Jacinto
Fernandes, Natália
Trevisan, Gabriela
Palavras-chavesociology of childhood, economic crisis, children’s citizenship
RevistaTeacher Education
CitaçãoSarmento, Manuel Jacinto; Fernandes, Natália & Trevisan, Gabriela (2014), The economic crisis in Portugal and children’s rights to non-discrimination, Teacher Education, 22(1), 38-55
Resumo(s)The consequences that arose from the ‘global economy’ have been significant in Portuguese children’s lives and we believe it is fundamental to reflect about the ongoing structuring of childhood through this global culture/ideology and the concrete implications that they have. Is also important to understand how childhood is constructed and experienced, but also to consider the impacts of political economic conditions on children’s lives and in childhood in general taking into account the effects brought by public policies. The aim of this paper is to reflect on the ways through which the economic crisis affecting general Portuguese population has impacted in children in particular and promote discrimination and lack of opportunities in childhood. We will focus on two dimensions: first on general data about the ongoing policies that have been reducing social rights, increasing poverty rates and threatening basic rights such as educational and health rights, trying to show their impact on children´s lives. Second we will discuss some data collected with children throughout different research projects in order to characterize the meanings and impacts of the crisis in their lives from their points of view.
Arbitragem científicayes
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