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TítuloAbuse and violence against older women living in the community: a synopsis of results from the multi-national avow study
Autor(es)Lang, Gert
Penhale, Bridget
Donder, Liesbeth De
Ferreira-Alves, José
Tamutiene, Ilona
Luoma, Minna-Liisa
Palavras-chaveavow study
Older Women mistreatment
Risk factors
EditoraAcademic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)
Resumo(s)Altough there are primary studies, literature reviews and meta-analyses available using samples of older women, only some of them have the focus on violence. Therefore the objective of the present paper is to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and awareness about domestic abuse and Violence against older women living in the community. In order to obtain the most comprehensive picture, at least three elements are required: first, the primary concern is the prevalence and establishing patterns of the phenomenon. Second, the determinants or risk factors of abuse should be tracked and third, some of the effects and consequences of abuse should be investigated.
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